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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Good bye Judah and Tano

If you were in 1st Presbyterian or the Edge this weekend you will know that there was a bit of a J and T fest going on in the town. Three going away parties in three nights might seem a little excessive but I think that it is never bad to show people that they are appreciated.
It was amazing to see over the last few days just how many lives those two guys deeply impacted. The amount of time and energy that they gave to the youth in this community this year was just amazing and I know that God has done some big work through them.
It definitely reminded me how important investing in relationships is, how nothing can replace time spent just living with people. This is just one more example that testifies to that.
So if you ever read this guys. You were much loved and much appreciated, even when hair was lost due to your antics.
Keep keeping it real.


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