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Monday, March 17, 2003

I went to sowle last night at 1st presbyterian in Ballynahinch. It was a motivating and challenging evening. Not because there was an impassioned and charasmatic speaker, or because of any great drama or video persentation, but because I was confronted with a charastic of Christ. Servanthood.

I like to think that loving others and serving others is important to me and that it is a significant part of my life, but then i was confronted with my motives and expectations. Sometimes I expect and almost demand people to be appreciative of my kindness, or service, or love, when that responce should not even be part of my equation.

I should love because I am overcome by the love showed to me by Christ.
I should serve because I want to follow the ultimate servant leader.
I should give because Jesus gave what I simply could not give to the world.

I really need to stop expecting a responce to my "amazing" acts of love, and instead seek, all the more, to respond to the love that has been shown to me.


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