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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Sunshine in the land of puddles and raindrops

I realize however that as i am writing this entry it is pouring outside my door. Oh well we had a great week of sunshine and relatively warm climes.

Weekend at Castlewellen

Fiona and I were down at the BBC church weekend in Castlewellen this weekend and it was a great time. The wether was great and so was the craic. Most of us even got a bit of a tan. The speaker for the weekend was Andy Hickford and he was spot on. many great things to think about. I will have a few thought from it rolling around my brain for the next few weeks. Hopefully some of it will never leave me.

Also had a good time on the bikes with Niall on Saturday afternoon. we got throughly lost a few time but no worries, we managed to find our way back to the camp. We rode up to the top of the hill behind the castle. There are some beautiful views from up there. I didn't have my camera with me so I took many mental pictures. I store them in the old scrap album I call a brain.

Fiona and I froze our wee butts of in our tent the first tent. I woke up the first night at about 4am with a cold body and an ice box head. On top of that I was on the ground because, as usual, my air mattress had a hole. Fiona always seems to pick the good one and when we wake up she is about a foot above me lying comfortably. Oh well. I guess these are the sacrifices you have to make as a dedicated husband.


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