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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My first blog from the land that logic forgot.

I don't have internet access yet so I am sorry for my poor showing on blogging our new adventures but soon we will have it set up. Hopefullyit will happen this week because we don't really have much access to a computer otherwise.

Fiona and I have been in Targu Mures for about a week and a half now and we have definitely landed in summer. Today it was as hot as 40 degrees. Ouch! But thankfully our car has airconditioning. Nice one!

So far we have just really been getting settled in. We kind of feel like we are in limbo but this week we are getting involved in a few things so that is good... and Claire, Stan and Niall et al are coming next week which is fantastic.

We got to go on a bit of an adventure this weekend, pictures will follow. We went to Bucharest to see the Romanian football league Supa Cupa. It is like the equivalent of when the FA cup winners play the Premiership Champions. Stiaua played Rapid and Stiaua won 1 - 0. It was a pretty crap game but a great experience. The fans here show similar hatred to the opposition as they do in Norn Iron. Felt just like home. Ahh yes...

Other than that I have spent a good part of my time building flat pack furniture from Ikea. The house is finally starting to feel like a home but we are still sleeping on two single mattresses on the floor. Hopefully our mattress will come in the next week or so and we can sleep on our bed.

Well that is all for now. The pics don't seem to be working at this present moment but hopefully soon so stay tuned... same bat time, same bat channel.

La revedere.


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