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Sunday, May 29, 2005

the Pslams

I have been reading the psalms lately and really enjoying them. So many thoughts, perspectives and emotions come through in them about life and about our God.

I have been reading through the collection from back to front, mainly becasue I love the last few and they are what really inspired me.

Other highlights... 73 is fantastic and a perspective I have nver really heard before. Maybe I have but it really spoke to me when I read it a week or so ago.

Also 51 is always a favourite for me. It always makes me feel whole again being reminded of where David was at when he wrote and how he trusted in Gods amazing mercy and love in his life. love that one.

To tell you the truth i think I like a lot of the later ones better than many of David's. David seem a bit of a schizophrenic to me. He is all over the place. But I guess that encourages me as well becasue if he was a man after God's heart that that door is open to anybody.

Take a read for yourself. It can be a new experience time and time agian.


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