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Monday, May 17, 2004

More on The boy who was raised a girl

To answer Charlie's question about the doctor who botched the circumcision, no she was not fired. In fact the family only got about $50,000 compensation, which is not a lot when you look at some of the litigation that is happening now.

Unbelievably however there has been a turn in events with the story. While reading the paper this weekend I came across the closing chapter in David Riemer's (the boy who was raised a girl) life. Turns out that he killed himself on the 5th of this month in Winnipeg, and his twin brother died 2 years ago. Although the cause of his brother's death is unknown, his family think he killed himself as well.
Apparently even after he was changed back into a boy David never really got over what happened to him (i don't know if i could either).

It's amazing that the doctor who was behind this gender reassignment experiment was hailed a champion of human sexuality for years for the apparent success of the transformation.

It just shows you how blind people are willing to be so that they can believe what they want to believe.


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