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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Another highlight of the last few months was going to
Donegal with some friends back in November. We spent a week in a house on Island Roy, near Downings. Fantastic time and many memorable moments. Lots of settlers, movies, relaxing...and a bit of exploring the miles of costal cliffs, beaches and tidal pools.

We felt like kids again exploring the many nooks and cranies of the tidal pools and it was brilliant. I fell in the sea up to my waist at one point, luckily we were on our way to go swimming so in the end I only had to deal with a soaker for about 15 mins. Usually I am a bit of a woos in the cold water but I managed to stay in for about 45 mis without a wetsuit on our second day at Murder Hole. I have to admit the first day I would not have touched the water without protection. I think Emma, Claire and Fiona are cold blooded though becase the baltic waters do not seem to bother them that much. maybe they are actually aliens!?

If you live on this Island and you haven't been to Donegal than you are missing out and I strongly suggest you make the trip. Downings is only a few hours drive from Ballynahinch so it's a perfect destination for a long weekend getaway. Take the family, take some friends or take a quiet weekend on your lonesome. It will be well worth it!
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