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Sunday, September 03, 2006

An image from our local market

One great thing about where we live is our local market. We can get almost any kind of fruit or veg at unbeatable prices... except lettuce and broccoli that is, or anything remotely exotic... but the prices are fantastic!

We live about a 3 minuite walk from it and we get to walk through the "homeless headquarters" to get there where there are lots of feet sticking out from bushes on hot days (I guess that's how they siesta).

Well a few days ago Fiona and Ellsye, who was visiting us this week, made a trip there for some veg and found this guy with his veggie freak show. Apparently he thought that his creations were the best thing since sliced cheese. Ellsye took this picture, printed it out and took it back to the guy and now we have a friend for life. We now have to make copies of the picture for his whole family. What a great way to get to know your community.


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