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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A first in Romania.

Last night I had 8 of the teenage guys that live with LOC over for some chillin time. Thanks to Aidan and Niall I am now the proud owner of an XBox and 3 games (Thanks very much by the way). So we all played Burnout Revenge and Pro Evo 4 for a couple of hours. They absolutely loved it but the thing that really surprised me was that none of them had even heard of the XBox. They new about the Playstation but had never played one of those either.

My friend Emi and I were laughing so hard watching them try to figure out how to use the controler. It might as well have been a F16 fighter plane for all they were concerned. In Burnout they kept on forgetting to press the accelerator and they ran into every wall possible. But after a few games they got the hang of it and had a brilliant time. Now they can't wait to play it again.

We are going to be meeting with these guys and a few others every Tuesday night to hang out and do a cell group type thing. I hope that as I get to know them better we will have a lot of fun together and also help, encourage and challenge each other.

Please pray that my Romanian gets better... right now I am ectremely limited in my conversation topics. But at least they get to laugh at me every time I try to say something.


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