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Monday, September 18, 2006

Never thought I'd say this but I love those Yanks...

Just had a great week here with 4 guys from the states who came over for 10 days to help fix up 2 of Livada's group homes. After a year of abuse from 10 young kids who are just learning what boundaries and rules are, two of Livada's group homes, Casa Ana and Casa Nadia, were looking a little worse for wear.

So in step 4 men from south Florida who all have experience in the building trade. But it wasn’t their skill or expertise that impressed me. It was their heart for God and for the kids that Livada works with. These men gave everything that they had over these 10 days. The worked hard from 8:30 in the morning till sometimes 9:30 at night, every day. They were wrecked by the end and every one of them had a cold but they never stopped. And I’m sure that after they got home on Sunday night, they all went back to work on Monday morning.

I had the privilege of eating dinner with these guys on a couple of nights. I didn’t have much in common with them… Socially and culturally I am around 20 years younger and from a different world of interests, hobbies, and experiences… Politically we are not from different planets but we are definitely not playing in the same ball park… they are Bush loving republicans… enough said…
But it was a privilege because they were humble servants of Jesus who Love God and truly love people and their lives speak powerfully of this truth.

We talked life, sport, politics and religion and by no means agreed on everything, but there was no spite or frustration in our discussion. It was really great just chewing the fat with a bunch of men that love life, love people and love God.

I look forward to meeting them again.


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