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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Money as Debt...

I came accross this video the other day on Youtube and it was seriously eye opening even though some of it completely went over my head.

And on the money topic, how about food as currency?

We were doing an Easter scavenger hunt with the kids the other day and my role was to sit at McDonalds, let each team buy me something for about 60p off the delicious MC D's menue and them give them an easter egg with a code piece in it. So in this process I got an espresso(McDonalds coffee is definitly not on anyones top 1000 list), small french fries, a hamburger, a straberry sunday and somehow I also got a Crunchy bar, which I'm pretty sure you can't get at Mc D's.

Any way, not being a huge fan of the big clown and his deep fried food, I only drank the coffee (well about half of it, which isn't a lot for an espresso) and ate the fries. The rest I thought I could give to one of the homeless kids that usually hang around in front of the golden arches. But on this day, for some reason, none of the usuals were anywhere to be seen.

So my next thought was the lady that sits about 100m down the street and lets you stand on her scales for 10p. Thats right floks, for just 10p you can find out how much you weigh every day on the streets of Targu Mures.

Sure enough as I walked down the street there she was. She has been there every day for years and I have weighed myself several times with her (Her scales are very accurate and she even reads your weight out to you just incase you can't see it past your big belly). But this time all I wanted to do was give her the food I had left over. So I walked up to her and asked her if she wanted some food and if she like McDonalds. She replied, "Of course!" but would not take the food without having me stand on her scales.

I figured that was a pretty fair deal: food in exchange for a service provided. So we were both happy.

So after watching the movie on Youtube I began to think, maybe we don't even need paper money and if this current crazy system collapses one day I wonder what the next form of common currency will be?

Just a thought...


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