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Monday, March 10, 2008

Another first...

On Saturday night Fiona and I went to our first Romanian professional basketball game. Our city has a team and I think they are actually about 4th in the league which is pretty good. Well some of the boys that I hang out with every week have been asking me to go for some time now so we finally all got together and went.

It was actually pretty good (Not the NBA or anything but still quite entertaining) and the Romanian's love it so its really hard to get a ticket. They are almost sold out every game and the people shout and go crazy the entire time. They even booo and hiss every time the visiting team touches the ball which I thought was very welcoming and inviting of them.

But it was a great night with the guys and they loved getting their picture taken with a "black guy" at the end of the game. They have very limited knowledge of life outside of Romania and most of what they see about the west is from MTV so they obviously think that black people are the coolest people on the planet... They could be right.


Blogger Katie said...

Hey Paul,
I enjoy your humor in this one! It's great to see that you have a blog. I hope all is well. I'm praying for you and Fiona.

Take care.

Katie Heidenreich

8:15 PM


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