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Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Anyone see Second Comming last night?
I only caught the last bit of it but it was interresting. I think that it was basically an Athiest producer trying to tell the world, in a round about way, to forget about God and get on with life and solve your own problems. He thinks that we worry to much about the next life to do this one very well.
Well I don't know about you but without Love we ain't nothing, and God is Love, so without Him we ain't nothing. And thats beside the fact that we wouldn't even be here.
At least it made people think. Sometimes thats better than nothing.

On the road again today.
Well I ran about 5 miles today and my knees are still feeling good so I think I'm back in the game.
I love running in the morning, as I said yesterday. This morning was beautiful. I got a few honks, and a few waves from the highschool playing feilds, which always gives you a boost. Tomorrow is a day off but I'll be back out to meet the rising sun on Thursday. Can't wait.
It's a great time to pray or sing or think, all those things that we are sometimes to busy for.


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