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Friday, June 11, 2004

Castle Where?

Had a great time at Castle Ward last weekend on the officially unofficial Church Weekend.

I was a bit worried when I arrived early Friday morning with the Browns to set up my tent. The caravan site is basically just a field surrounded by trees with a ring road circling it. With only a couple of caravans there it looked pretty bleak and boring. But when we went back up that night and many more people had arrived it looked much more inviting.

It was really a great time. Much 'craic' was had and I played my first ever game of cricket, well sort of. I still don't really understand the rules though but who does.

I think there were about 14 families there in various forms of camping accommodations, from swanky caravans right down to 2 and 3 man tents (these are the real campers). There was food and fun for all ages and it was great to spend some time with a few people that I previously didn't know that well.

All in all I highly recommend the unofficial church weekend to anyone. A huge thanks to the Grahams (Jonathan and Rachel) for organizing the event.


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