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Thursday, November 18, 2004


I went to see Sting last night at the Odyssey with Mike Patterson. He had a couple of free tickets that someone else won form Cool fm but they don't like the stingmister so we got the prize.

It was a fantastic night. He has quite a talented backing band and he's not so rubbish himself. It was great to hear all the classics. In fact I even loved all songs that I'd never heard before.

One funny thing though. I think he has a thing for scantily clad women. He really needs to see someone about this. He had these huge TV screens behind him with different images on them the whole night but about 75% of the images were ladies dancing (like the ones at the start of James Bind films). The thing I found the weirdest however was his song Sacred Love. When he introduced it I was expecting a fairly profound song, but I was slightly dissappointed. Instead, behind him during the entire song there were two girls on the big screens sort of doing a strip tease thing. Of course they never got naked or anything, but it was that idea. I think he maybe got his wires crossed and should have called the song, extreemly cheap way overdone obscenely common love, but no, he stuck with sacred love. Oh well.

Very good show over all though. It wet my apatite to see U2 this summer. That is, if I can get tickets?


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