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Saturday, May 10, 2008

If some EU politicians have their way our children will all grow up in bubble wrap...

I just read an article in Newsweek today about new regulations that are having a profound impact on the EU's music and entertainment industry. Apparently no employee can work in an environment with a daily noise average above 85 decibels.

Since orchestras can easily go into the 130 decibel range and even bagpipers up to around 120 then these musicians, that depend on a keen ear to produce something of enjoyment to us all, may now have to plug their ears on the job. That could be interesting. How will this possibly help preserve our arts and culture?

But this is just one example out of thousands of the enjoyment in life being legislated out of existence. We are not aloud to do anything anymore that could possibly put us in harms way, lest we should do something awful like scrape a knee, sprain an ankle or get an earache. Because of course, if one of these things were to happen then, I would have to sue somebody. And if it happened at work then... JACKPOT!!!!!

This is a total joke to me and obviously says just as much about us as it does about the people that are making these laws to protect themselves.

Pain, mistakes and even injury are a fact of life. They are even an integral part of learning and growth but we will soon live in a world that does not accept the risks involved in any activity that could lead to these outcomes.

Is there any way back from this future of bubble wrap and oxygen tents?


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