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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Very cute but very sad.

Every other Saturday morning we do a programme called Club Fuel for about 60 orphan kids, under 14 yrs old, that live near Targu Mures. We use a big room in a facility that used to be a special needs orphanage. It's a great programme and we have a lot of fun with the kids and we usually play outside with them afterwards before the bus collects them.

Well this facility is now being used as a kind of emergency placement centre for kids who have either just been abandoned or have been taken from their homes, before new housing is found for them. There are usually about 20 or 30 kids there at a time. Some of them are old enough and join us in our program but some are still too young.

The picture above is of a few kids that are too young for the program. It was a beautiful day and they were playing outside with us afterwards so we gave them some of the snack that we had left over. You should have seen there eyes light up when they realised that they were all going to get a bag of chips to themselves!

Such a cute picture of these beautiful kids but so sad to think of the life that they will probably have ahead of them. I just pray for good foster parents to be raised up all over Romania so that kids like these can have a good, loving home.

Or maybe I could sell this picture to Lays and get them to sponsor a home!


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