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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On the road again...

Over the last few weeks I have started running again on the beautiful roads around Ballynahinch and I'm really enjoying it. I have to admit that the recent bout (a week and a half strong until today) of good weather hasn't hurt my love for the experience either.

But I think the brilliance of running goes beyond the good weather and dry roads. There really is something powerful about having some down time to release stress, ponder life, enjoy some good scenery and get a good workout all at the same time.

For me running really is a great way to clear my head and even to get my creative brain going for all that is coming in the day or week ahead. Sometimes I have my best ideas while putting in the miles. The only downside is that I have nowhere to write them down.

So my tip of the week is to get up early some morning, put on the trainers and hit the road, rain or shine. Start small and slowly and put on the distance without killing your self. Remember that pain is an important message that your body is giving you, so don't try to pull a Forest Gump on the first day. Leave that till week two... And then sign up for the Ballynahinch fun run this spring.

Looking forward to seeing you there.


Anonymous charlie said...

Relevant pictures please colesy!! The bright blue sky, the straight, wide road and the big yellow line -definitely not representative of the average hinch road - not in my experience anyway!!

1:00 PM

Blogger Peter Martin said...

swimming and jogging - my word man remember your now in Ulster!!! Its fry's and fish suppers all the way if you want to be culturally relevant... ;-)

10:20 PM


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