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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Fiona and I just had a great week with three young friends from Romania, Bela, Marian and Levi. We had a great Christmas together and we thank all our friends and family for making them feel so welcome and giving them a brilliant christmas. I think, for all of us, it was one of the best.

On their first day here Charlie and I got to share a great experience with them. We took them up the Mournes and then went to see the sea for their first time ever.

This is Charlie and the boys on a what was a beautiful day beside the raging Glenn River.

And then there was Christmas with the family... with lots of presents and way too much food... as usual.


Blogger david santos said...

Brilliant posting, my friend, brilliant!!!

Happy New Year...

11:48 PM

Blogger Peter Martin said...

You don't blog regularly but when you do its gooooood!!! Happy Christmas and a merry new year ;-)

10:26 AM

Anonymous chalie said...

i dread to think how long that photo took to set least you were inside and it was warm!!

6:04 PM

Anonymous kavak yelleri 125. bölüm izle said...

thank you

9:16 PM


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