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Thursday, November 09, 2006

A couple of images that stand out in the last week.

This picture was taken last thursday night at The Underground (our thursday night event). We did a photo scavanger hunt and one of the tasks was the old get as many people in the phone booth gag.

It was a brilliant night and a good laugh watching 60 kids run around town making complete fools of themselves, huggung police officers, cramming their entire teams into taxis, posing with local statues, etc... Thats pretty much our goal for this event... oh yeah and introducing them to this brilliant guy named Jesus.

This picture was at a Harvest games day that they had for the kids at Livada's houses. A great day of the classic games that we have all played several times in our lives.

This one was the old faithful bobbing for apples. It was boys against girls and the boys throughly destroyed the girls and got soaked in the process.


Blogger Tim Coles said...

would these be new games for them or is this something they do there too? Way to go boys!

4:59 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mate lovin your update and the obvious joy your takin in your work!! Bless ya both..

10:16 AM


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