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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Car thieves are bustin my chops.
I the last two weeks we have had three Livada staff member's cars broken into and two ipods and a wallet stolen... the latter of these being mine. Very annoying.

Thankfully there was not much money in my wallet but its much more of a pain to have to replace all my cards. 2 debit and 2 credit cards, my UK drivers liscence and my Romanian Visa ID card, as well as my membership card for a local cash and carry! ouch!

Oh well I hope the thieves had a good night on my donation to their party fund.

So lock your doors everyone... and don't leave anything lying on the front seat or the boogy man is going to get you too!


Blogger emma said...

That's so annoying. I hate wee thievers!! It is the hassle of it all that annoys me. Nice picture though!

11:19 PM

Blogger Peter Martin said...

What a pain....

10:02 AM

Blogger The Year is 2006 said...

Just to let you know I have started blogging again, so check it out.

11:47 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

paul time for an update im feeling!! jo

11:14 AM


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