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Friday, November 17, 2006

Loving the "tinternet"

I have to say that I am really appreciating the old world wide web right now and especially the land of blog and the bbc. Although fiona and I are quite far away from most of ouf our friends and our entire family we do feel pretty connected, even to some of the people that we haven't talked to.

Hearing about your lives via emails, catching up on what has been happening on the blog scene and chatting on messenger have been amazing ways for us to stay close to the many people who have had such a huge impact on our lives. In fact we really shoud never say good bye to people again because we can always be "virtually" connected. Yeah ok, maybe thats taking it a bit far.

Of course I would rather chat with you over a "coffee" or have a bit of banter over a few games of pool (substitute your favourite activity),

... but it's great to be able to stay connected with so many people in this 21st century.


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