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Friday, January 12, 2007

Here they are: 5 things that you don’t know about me and maybe don’t want to know

1. When I was about 8 years old I slept over at my friend David’s house one weekend. We stayed up really late, as kids do, and after watching some movies while drinking an entire case of coke (24 cans) we decided to play a game of bowling with the empties. Well that got really noisy and his parents ended up coming down to the basement to shout at us and make us go to sleep… well that was a big mistake on their part because they didn’t make me go to the toilet first. All I have to say is I feel sorry for their pull-out couch and for my friend David who was also sleeping on the couch… luckily he was just on the edge of the flood zone.

2. When I was in grade three (I think? … but I’m not sure) roller skating was still a big thing in Canada and I loved it. We used to go to the rink some Saturdays and show off our moves (you know skating backwards, doing crossovers around the corners… and that’s about it I think). Well on one particular Saturday when they were doing couples skates and singles skates and laps just for the older kids I decided to stay on the rink and show the girls my moves. I was just as good as the older boys after all, I think anyway? I’m not really sure however because on that day, one minute I was skating, having a good time and doing some sweet moves… and the next thing I knew I was waking up in the hospital having just had my two front teeth stapled back into my head. That’s never a good sign! I actually don’t really remember much about what happened that day but I do remember being very mad at the doctor because he made me stay the night because I didn’t know what day Christmas was on… I knew it was in the winter, what else does a kid need to know.

3. I was never exactly what you would call a great student. In fact on most of my report cards my teachers would say that “Paul would do a lot better if he would only learn to apply himself,” or something to that nature. Well this trend continued in my first year of university and at the end of the year I was placed on academic probation because I didn't meet the 65% grade average that was required to stay in my course. Well what I learned my second year was that every single one of my teachers that ever taught me was right. Before my second year I decided that I wanted to transfer Universities and I needed a B average to do so. Well I guess I learned to apply myself because I got straight A’s and I even got 98% in Biomechanics. I made the Dean’s Honor Roll and I was able to transfer Universities. I have to be honest and say that I didn’t keep those grades up over the next couple of years but I definitely didn’t relapse all the way back either.

And now 2 short ones because I know that most of you who started reading this a couples of hours ago are now onto a more interesting blog, like Pete’s.

4. I have never had a cavity…

5. and I have never broken a bone.

And now I would like to continue this deliteful game by tagging my brother Tim, Joe Tenthorey, George W Bush and Osama bin Laden.


Blogger Tim said...

After the rollerskating incident you kept asking "Where's mommy, Where's mommy - just like a broken record - this lasted about a day, which was more likely the cause for the doctor to keep you in.

I wonder why all of us (Tim, Ange & Paul) had the same said about us in school?

I have had MANY cavitys.

I too have never broken a bone! I did fracture my skull, but that wasn't a clean break - thankfully!

brother Tim
p.s. thank for placing me with the likes of Joe Tenthorey, George and Osama. Joe is a complement.

12:38 PM

Blogger Ken said...

Good to see you brothers serving God with the youth, and staying in contact with each other! You'll be in my prayers.

(bookmarked both blogs)

Ken Arnou
aka BUBBA !!!

2:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Paul,
Can you send me your e-mail address again. I lost my hard drive last week. Thanks, Big Brother Tim

2:32 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, there is one thing I need to know . . . your e-mail address. Sorry Paul - lost it in a harddrive crash.


1:54 AM


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