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Friday, February 09, 2007

Winter in Romania

Ok, what is the weather like this winter?

We had snow here on the 3rd of November and then not again until last week. We have had a few days of sub zero temperatures and now I think spring has arrived. It was as high as 15 the last couple of days here in Targu Mures and was a wopping 23 in Bucharest.

I was looking forward to my first real winter in 6 years, since leaving Canada, but my hopes were misplaced becasue I have experienced much colder winters on the Emerald Isle.

All my dreams of frolicking in the snow have faded and I now I'm not sure that I ever really left Ireland. So much for a winter wonderland... Oh well.


Blogger Peter Martin said...

Been thinking about you a lot recently... miss ya about the place, hope your doin well!!

6:36 PM

Blogger Paul Coles said...

cheers Pete. Looking forward to seeing you when we come home. we will have to have a coffee.

10:48 AM


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