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Monday, April 28, 2003


it has always struck me that the church or any other organisation or movement gets renewed two ways - by people who leave the centre to make new things happen on the edges that creatively open up new directions and possibilities; and by people who have the patience to help those at the centre gently change. i don't always have the patience for the second but i'm glad others do. both groups tend to dismiss the others approach, but i reckon that over time having both approaches is better than having one.

wise words by Jonny Baker. via Jordon Cooper

Edge Prayer meeting

This saturday morning from 10 to 11am. All are welcome. It has been refreshing these last few months. I really want to see what God can do in this town so lets keep Him at the heart of it.

There is also a car wash to raise money for the Edge Romania project 2003 at Edengrove Church halls on Saturday. Come out and support us. All procedes going to help 50 orphans get out of their orphanage to have a week at camp.

Firsts in the last couple of weeks

First time at Mass - Palm Sunday service (well actually saturday night)
First time to the North Coast of Donegal - That place is beautiful (maybe its good the weather isn't better here or it would be crawling with american tourists.
First 10k race - Ballynahinch Fun Run on Saturday (lots of hills. Wow, what a wake up call to do more training, or I will die in Dublin)
First I heard my wife was pregnant - On Charlie's web site (could the rumors be true)

Monday, April 07, 2003

Highlights of the Weekend

It all started out on the right foot with an encouraging and entertaining summary of the entire Bible by David Dunlop on Friday night.
Edge saturday prayer meeting. It has been a big highlight for the last few months.
Breakfast with Pete and Jane Martin. Good fellowship, and definitely good food, by my wife of course.
Sitting at the top of Slieve Croob with my wife on a beautiful saturday afternoon. Chillin, chaittin, and generally soaking up the sun shine.
A brisk run on sunday morning which makes two week running in a row with no knee pain, after three weeks off. Dublin here I come...
Sunday dinner at the Carson's house. Its always good to be there.
Finally watching Andrew Montgomery do cartwheels up and down the 1st presbyterian church hall after being in a potentially lethal car accident the day before.

It was a pretty good weekend!