Paul Coles, Youthworkerish type guy. Present location: Targu Mures, Romania. Married to an amazing girl named Fiona. I'm on a JOURNEY and have no idea where I'll end up other than in the hands of God.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Good memories

I just got a package in the post from Chuck with a long awaited CD full of photo's from a trip in the Mournes last year with him and Niall. So glad to finally see them all. Thanks man.

Good friends and a good walk in the mountains. And the so called fry the next morning wasn't too bad either. Maybe I'll get another shot at these beautiful hills when Fiona and I go home in March. We will see...

Friday, February 09, 2007

Winter in Romania

Ok, what is the weather like this winter?

We had snow here on the 3rd of November and then not again until last week. We have had a few days of sub zero temperatures and now I think spring has arrived. It was as high as 15 the last couple of days here in Targu Mures and was a wopping 23 in Bucharest.

I was looking forward to my first real winter in 6 years, since leaving Canada, but my hopes were misplaced becasue I have experienced much colder winters on the Emerald Isle.

All my dreams of frolicking in the snow have faded and I now I'm not sure that I ever really left Ireland. So much for a winter wonderland... Oh well.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The truth is out there...

I was just having a wee moment of nostalgia, looking back through our Christmas photos and found this mysterious one that must have been taken at our Underground Christmas party.

Santa made a visit at the end of the night to give out presents but I didn't realize that someone had de-hatted him and takin this sneaky little picture.

Now maybe we can identify the imposter. I knew that there was something just not quite right about him but I just couldn't put my finger on it.

If you have any info about this obvious Santa fraud you can contact the RSPSCAOCC (The Royal society for the protection of Santa Clause and other Christmas Characters) by their website.

Its a shame that in this day and age of free press and inter agency information sharing people still think that they can get away with such shameless acts!