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Friday, October 31, 2003

A great day in Dublin

Monday was a beautiful day in Dublin. The sky was clear. The air brisk. And the streets were lined with people. I couldn't have asked for a better day to attempt my first marathon.

According to many t-shirts on the day, 26.2 is the distance all runners are judged by. Well let me tell you...I was certainly judged...and found a little wanting. I have an all new respect for all marathon runners. It was certainly the hardest task, by far, that I have ever completed. It was amazing to see all the different people of almost every shape, size and age, who were out there giving all they had to get to a finish line that seemed well beyond reach, and certainly out of sight. Hmm....there's got to be a sermon in there somewhere...

I couldn't believe the number of senior citizens who were out there, not only running, but some of them were kicking my butt. I think they must know something about perseverance that I just don't yet understand. One guy of about 50 was running his 3rd marathon in three days (one in Balise (i think), one in Frankfurt, and this one...all in a weekend) and he was still keeping up with me...Amazing

I have to give a huge shout out to Charlie Knox who unashamedly cheered me on at the top of his lungs (the way only charlie would) at about the 22mile mark and in the home straight. He gave me a good laugh and the energy to finish the race. My official place and time were - 2764th in 4:09:28 out of 6278 finishers. And I managed to raise over £500 for the Edge which is amazing.

Thanks to al those who supported me and the Edge in this. It is amazing the amount of encouragement that I received. It's great to live in a town like Ballynahinch.

Friday, October 17, 2003

Big ups

big ups, mad props, and all that other stuff go out to Pen Jones. If anyone has been in the edge lately and seen the chill room, you will have noted that it has undergone somewhat of a face lift. It is now an art room and after only two weeks of the EDGE Identity Art programme, the room is already covered in amazing, creative, and thought provoking peices of work. The group involved is, to say the least, eclectic, and I had my suspicions about whether or not they would participate in this project. But thanks to Pen Jones, Kelly Haines and Jo Shannon it has been a huge success so far, and there ia a lot more to come. This is only the beginning...

Friday, October 10, 2003

"We face problems today in passing on the Gospel message in our world, mainly because our contemporaries are immersed in cultural contexts that are often alien to an interior or spiritual dimension, or live in situations in which a materialistic outlook prevails. More than in any other historical period, one must point to a break in the process of the transmission of moral and religious values between generations, which lead to a kind of antagonism between the church and the contemporary world... Attention to culture enables us to enter into the hearts of those who speak with us. There is no better way to communicate and evangelize... Among the great obstacles today are the difficulties that families and teachers have to face in struggling to pass on to the younger generation the human, moral and spiritual values that will enabel tham to be men and women who will live a life worthy of their dignity as a person and of their involvement in society... In every age there were men and women who with apostolic courage knew how to make the truth shine forth. This same attitude is needed today."

Pope John Paul II