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Thursday, December 16, 2004

“Has Science Discovered God?”

The best-known atheist of the last 50 years, Professor Antony Flew, made the announcement in a symposium on science and religion, that the discoveries of modern science have led him to accept the existence of God. Flew was joined in the symposium by leading Israeli scientist Gerald Schroeder and noted Scottish thinker John Haldane.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Some of the Edge Alpha group enjoying the amazing spectacle of God's creation at Murder Hole, Donegal. Posted by Hello

Monday, December 06, 2004

The world is a beautiful place

Last weekend, thats 8 days ago now, not yesterday, I went to Donegal with some guys from the Edge and Fiona and Stazley and I was reminded, yet again, what an amazing place it is.

It really is stunningly beautiful rain or shine and it quickly is becoming one of my favourite places in the world. So it just made me think...What are my favourite places in the world, so far?

In no particular order...

China Beach, British Columbia - A beautiful stoney, drift wood beach on the west coast of Vancouver Island that you have to walk through an awe inspiring rainforest full of Giant Redwoods to get to.

Eagle's Nest, Bancroft, Canada - A 150 foot cliff that looks over the tiny town that my parents live in, in nowheresville Ontario. I have had many a late night camp fire there with good friends and great conversations.

Zell em Zee, Austria - A beautiful lake in the Austrian alps where fiona and I spent a week swimming, hiking, suntanning, sightseeing and generally relaxing. I'm sure there are many other beautiful places just like it in many a mountain range but I would go back there in a second if I could, winter or summer... or fall or spring for that matter.

Downings, Co. Donegal - More beautiful beaches with no one else on them than any other place in the world. Not much of a night life but for craic with friends or just enjoying God's green earth, it is amazing.

Any other thoughts on beautiful places? I would love to hear of more and maybe add them to my long list of places I want to see before I die. I might need a bit more than the old three score and ten to catch them all though.