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Thursday, September 25, 2003

Thought for the day...

We need to ... "break the thinking of church people that until they become involved in full-time Christian work they will always be second-class Christians. We need people to be full-time Christians in the place where they live, study, work, play and drink, ... for this is full-time Christian work!"

Baz Gascoyne, Dead Men Walking

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Hello again

Well I am back in the land of blog and hopefully not just for a one off appearance. I might actually write something once a week. I'm not going to become a Peter Martin or anything though. Lets not get carried away.

My thought for today...
If anyone needs space and time to think, to dream, to review thier life or look to their future...I suggest that you pick up running. I don't mean a couple of laps around the track or a jog down to your local shop to grab a pint of milk. I mean good old fashion long distance running. It is a great way to clear your head, or to focus your brain on something.

I get some of my greatest moments of inspiration while on a run, some truly life changing thoughts. And the great thing is, not only do you have inspirational thoughts, you also have the time to mull them over and process them.

Our lives have become far too busy and too noisy. So whether you have become a slave to your stereo, your TV, your books, your video games or even your mobile phone, going for a run will push these things out of your life for a little while and give your head a bit of peace. One stipulation though, your not aloud to take a walkman with you.

I really don't think that our brains were designed to deal with all this noise and constant over stimulation. It's no wonder we can't concentrate on any one thing for moer than a minuite, we are used to having 10 things buzzing around our heads all at once.

So turn off your life for a moment, and all that that entails, put away your stereo and your headphones, find yourself a nice country road, and get to know yourself again... get to know God again. Take it slowly and run until your legs beg for mercy. You just might have that moment of realization that you have been waiting for!

P.S. and for all those knee and back sufferers, theres always bicycles. I'm sure they will do the same thing.