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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Masini (pronounced - masheen)

Last night I went to see my first movie totally in Romanian. We took 8 kids from on of the State group homes (Casa 8 in Sancrai for those of you who have been here) to see Masini, "Cars," in our local cinema. They had dubbed it over in Romanian and actually did a really good job... or so other people told me. I understood the odd thing but cartoons really speak for themselves.

It was a brilliant night with the kids, most of whom had never been in a cinema before. They absolutely loved it and were totally mesmorized by everything about the place, especially all the movie posters on the way in.

About half way through the film, Fiona and I went out and snuck them all in chocolate sundays from the McDonalds next door. It was funny watching some of them take about a half hour to eat their ice cream because they didn't want to take their eyes of the movie.

Monday, September 18, 2006

This Sunday we took a little different rout to the cross...

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We drove to a town near Brasov this Sunday to go for a bit of a hike up to the cross. Thankfully you can take a gondola most of the way. Its about a 45 min walk from the lift to the cross. The walk was great and the view was amazing. This cronstruction of this huge steel cross was brilliant but the view from thousands of feet up on a very steep mountain was even better. God made some pretty cool stuff back in the day! Posted by Picasa

Never thought I'd say this but I love those Yanks...

Just had a great week here with 4 guys from the states who came over for 10 days to help fix up 2 of Livada's group homes. After a year of abuse from 10 young kids who are just learning what boundaries and rules are, two of Livada's group homes, Casa Ana and Casa Nadia, were looking a little worse for wear.

So in step 4 men from south Florida who all have experience in the building trade. But it wasn’t their skill or expertise that impressed me. It was their heart for God and for the kids that Livada works with. These men gave everything that they had over these 10 days. The worked hard from 8:30 in the morning till sometimes 9:30 at night, every day. They were wrecked by the end and every one of them had a cold but they never stopped. And I’m sure that after they got home on Sunday night, they all went back to work on Monday morning.

I had the privilege of eating dinner with these guys on a couple of nights. I didn’t have much in common with them… Socially and culturally I am around 20 years younger and from a different world of interests, hobbies, and experiences… Politically we are not from different planets but we are definitely not playing in the same ball park… they are Bush loving republicans… enough said…
But it was a privilege because they were humble servants of Jesus who Love God and truly love people and their lives speak powerfully of this truth.

We talked life, sport, politics and religion and by no means agreed on everything, but there was no spite or frustration in our discussion. It was really great just chewing the fat with a bunch of men that love life, love people and love God.

I look forward to meeting them again.

Friday, September 08, 2006

ITV report on "Romania's forgotten children". Very shocking and unfortunately very true.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

An image from our local market

One great thing about where we live is our local market. We can get almost any kind of fruit or veg at unbeatable prices... except lettuce and broccoli that is, or anything remotely exotic... but the prices are fantastic!

We live about a 3 minuite walk from it and we get to walk through the "homeless headquarters" to get there where there are lots of feet sticking out from bushes on hot days (I guess that's how they siesta).

Well a few days ago Fiona and Ellsye, who was visiting us this week, made a trip there for some veg and found this guy with his veggie freak show. Apparently he thought that his creations were the best thing since sliced cheese. Ellsye took this picture, printed it out and took it back to the guy and now we have a friend for life. We now have to make copies of the picture for his whole family. What a great way to get to know your community.